Research (Look Ups) carried out for Members of the Caithness FHS   

The following research can now be carried out for paid up members of the Society by a group of volunteers who are themselves members. Research will be strictly limited and carried out in rotation. Unfortunately, detailed research, family tree construction and lengthy research cannot be carried out. Look- ups will be carried out at the discretion of the volunteer.  Any charges incurred would be payable to Caithness Family History Society by the member asking for help.

As look-ups are carried out by a small team of volunteers, work cannot be completed to a timescale, therefore please be patient!. When asking for Census look-ups, members should note that indexes are not available for all years, therefore area searches cannot be carried out – the location must be given. This is especially true for large areas and common surnames.

Finally research requests should be submitted by contacting the Chairperson using the ‘Contacts’ button on the left hand side of the home page of the website and who will circulate the request among the volunteers.  Therefore you may receive a number of replies from volunteers or perhaps only from one specific person depending on who is able to help with the enquiry.