• Rosezina Banks posted an update 5 months, 1 week ago

    I am searching for my Banks ancestors and have only got as far as 1781 with certainty. My 4x great grandparents were William Banks 1781-1868 and Helen Mowat 1784-1855, both from Canisbay. According to
    William’s marriage record his parents were Magnus Banks and Margaret Simpson who married in 1773 in Canisbay. I can only find 2 baptism records for Magnus Banks for Paplay and Holm, Orkney, 1720 and 1759. Both dates don’t really fit as 1759 would make Magnus 13/14 when he married and 1720 would make him far too old. Can anyone help with this brick wall?

    • I don’t think 53 is too old to be married! Possibly Magnus was just late in meeting the right person, or maybe was a widower who was remarrying. Of course we can’t assume anything because baptisms were not recorded in the official books unless a fee was paid and not everyone could afford it so Magnus may not be there. The other thing is to check really carefully the whole page where you found the baptism. I’ve had things come up on scotlandspeople which don’t match what I asked for e.g. the year at top of page has been assumed to be that for all the entries when actually there are a few different years. Hope this is not too negative! Anna Rogalski